On election day

On 9 June 2024, all Luxembourg nationals and all EU nationals who live in Luxembourg and are registered on the electoral roll in the Grand Duchy are expected to go to a polling station to elect six representatives from Luxembourg in the European Parliament.

As a registered voter, I will receive a letter from my  local administration at least five days before the elections, which will contain information about the date of the elections and the polling station’s opening hours. The letter will also include instructions and the list of candidates.

On the day of the election, I must:

  • go to the polling station in my municipality of residence between 08:00 and 14:00;

  • bring along a valid identity document (ID card or passport).

Then all that is left for me to do is enter the polling booth and make my choice.

Postal voting

If I am registered to vote in European elections in Luxembourg, I can vote by post.

The municipality where I vote must receive my application for postal voting:

  • no earlier than 12 weeks and no later than 25 days before election day, if the polling card must be sent to an address in Luxembourg;

  • no earlier than 12 weeks and no later than 40 days before election day, if the polling card must be sent to an address abroad.

I can submit my postal vote application electronically via Guichet.lu, or by post (on plain paper or on a pre-printed form which can be obtained from my  municipality of residence)

Election procedure

In Luxembourg, six MEPs will be elected and they will serve for a five-year term.

Political groups are responsible for drawing up candidate lists. The elections are direct: I vote for MEPs directly; there are no intermediaries.

I have as many votes as there are MEPs to be elected, i.e. six.

I can vote either by:

  • I can either place a cross (+ or x) in the box at the top of the list, thus casting one vote for each candidate on the list.

If the list where I have placed a cross (+ or x) consists of fewer than six candidates, I can cast my remaining votes for any of the remaining candidates.

My ballot will not be valid if I place more than six crosses on my ballot paper, i.e. more crosses than there are representatives to elect.

  • or by voting for individual named candidates
    Another option is to cast either one vote or two for individual candidates, without casting more than six votes in total. Each cross (+ or x) placed in one of the two boxes after the name of a candidate represents a vote for that candidate. In Luxembourg, panachage is allowed, i.e. I can vote for candidates from different parties, as long as I do not cast more than six votes.