30 May 2023

How do I vote properly?

How do I fill in a ballot paper so that it is valid? Discover our video tutorial here!

21 February 2023

Voter registration rates

19.8 % of foreign residents currently registered to vote

09 January 2023

Mike McQuaide: Why voting is important

We can all vote in the upcoming municipal elections. Mike McQuaide tells you why political participation is important.

09 January 2023

Christos Floros: Why voting is important

We can all vote in the next municipal elections! Christos Floros explains, why political participation is important.

02 January 2023

Register to the CEFIS multiplier training 2023!

As a multiplier you can raise awareness and inform your community and friends about political participation and the local elections. More information on www.cefis.lu.

14 October 2022

Let’s all vote in the 2023 municipal elections!

Why do we vote ? How ? Where and when? Here you will find all the answers on the elections so that you are ready for 11 June 2023.

27 July 2022

You will all be able to vote in the local elections on 11 June 2023!

From now on, non-Luxembourg residents can vote without any residence restriction and register on the electoral rolls until 55 days before the elections.

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