Registering to vote is easy! I can either register online on or go in person to my municipal administration.

Option 1: Registering online

I can register online before 17:00 on 15 April 2024 via the portal using my LuxTrust certificate. This only takes a few minutes and will save me a trip to my municipal administration.

Please note: your LuxTrust product must have an activated certificate.
Option 2: Registering with my municipal administration

I must visit my municipal administration before 17:00 on 15 April 2024 with a valid identity document (identity card, passport). 

Please note
·Check the office opening hours of your municipal administration.
·Once voters are registered, they are automatically registered again for the next European elections and are therefore required to vote. If I move house, my name will automatically be -transferred to the electoral roll of my new municipality of residence.
·Any voter who is not a Luxembourg national may ask to be removed from the electoral roll.
·Postal voting is also possible.

Please note: If you wish to vote for representatives from your home country, please contact your embassy or consulate.