In order to participate in the municipal elections, I have to meet the following 4 requirements:
  • I am 18 years old on 11 June 2023 (the day of the elections).
  • I have lived in Luxembourg for at least 5 years when I register for the municipal elections. Only the last year of residence must be uninterrupted.
  • I can go to the population office of my municipality at any time in order to register, but at the latest 87 days before the day of the municipal elections.
  • I have not lost the right to vote in my country of origin or in Luxembourg.* I have not been sentenced by a judge to a criminal penalty.
* Caution: I will, however, be able to vote if I have lost my right to vote in my country of origin because I have moved to Luxembourg.

Usually, I do not lose the right to vote in my country of origin. To be sure, I should contact the embassy or consulate of my country of origin.


  • Info: My right is twofold: I can vote for the candidates who are running. I can also be a candidate in the local elections.
  • By registering, my right to vote becomes an obligation.