I register with the municipal #administration

I go to my municipal administration from now until 55 days before election day with a valid identity document (identity card, passport).

  • I present my identity card or passport to the official at the population office.
  • I fill in the declarations provided by the municipality (specifying nationality, place and date of birth, etc.). By registering on the electoral list, I now commit to participate in the elections.
  • Once registered, I am automatically re-registered for the next municipal elections and my vote is therefore compulsory.
  • If I move, I am automatically transferred to my new municipality’s electoral list.

Info: I can request to be removed from the electoral list at any time. To do so, I have to contact my municipality. My name is automatically removed if I no longer meet the conditions required to exercise the right to vote. For Luxembourgers, voting is compulsory until the age of 75.

I register# online

I can register electronically from now until 55 days before election day at the latest via the portal using my LuxTrust certificate.

  • This process only takes a few minutes and I save myself a trip to my local administration.
  • How do I register online? This tutorial guides me step by step through my online registration:
  • Please note: my LuxTrust product must have an activated certificate.
  • How to activate my LuxTrust product