When will the next municipal elections take place?

The next municipal elections, which take place every 6 years, will be held on 11 June 2023.

I am not in Luxembourg on the day of the municipal elections. How can I vote?

All voters registered on the municipal electoral lists in Luxembourg are eligible to vote by post.

My application for a postal vote must reach my municipality:

  • at the earliest 12 weeks and at the latest 25 days before the elections, if the invitation letter is to be sent to an address in Luxembourg;
  • at the earliest 12 weeks and at the latest 40 days before the elections, if the invitation letter has to be sent to an address abroad.

I can apply for postal vote either electronically, via myguichet.lu, or by post (on plain paper or on a pre-printed form to be obtained from my municipality).

Please note: the delivery time for all national and international mailings.

Please note: I use the mailing envelope included in the invitation and I do not put anything on the neutral envelope

For more information:

My request for a postal vote

Is voting compulsory?

Voting is compulsory for all voters registered on the electoral list. I cannot ask another person to vote on my behalf. Postal voting can be granted on request.

More information:

My request for a postal vote

If I am unable to take part in the elections, I must inform the State Prosecutor responsible for my area of my reasons for abstention, together with the necessary justification.

My template for a declaration of impossibility to vote

The following are automatically excused from voting:

  • Voters who, at the time of the election, live in another municipality than the one where they are called to vote;
  • Voters who are over 75 years old.
Can I, as a non-Luxembourgish resident in the Grand Duchy, be removed from the electoral list?

Yes, I can ask to be removed from the electoral list. I have to contact my municipality in this regard.

My name is automatically removed if I no longer meet the conditions required to exercise the right to vote. For Luxembourgers, voting is compulsory until the age of 75.

Is it possible to vote by proxy?

No, no voter registered on the electoral list can ask another person to vote on their behalf.

I have just moved to another municipality, am I still registered?

Yes, the mayor of my municipality of departure notifies my new municipality of the change of address, which saves me having to re-register on the electoral list.

What documents do I need to bring with me on the day of the local elections?

On election day, I have to go to the polling station with my identity card, passport, residence permit or residence card.

What are the opening hours of the polling stations?

I can vote in a polling station from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Who is excluded from voting?

I am excluded from voting, if:

  • I have been sentenced by a judge to a criminal penalty.
  • I have been sentenced by a judge to a correctional sentence and the judge has also removed my right to vote.
  • I am 18 years old and under guardianship.
Who can be a candidate?

To be a candidate in the municipal elections, I must:

– be able to use my civil rights and have the right to vote in Luxembourg or in my country of;

– be 18 years old on 11 June 2023;

– have my main residence in my municipality, i.e. have lived there for at least 6 months at the time I submit my application.

As a foreign national, I must also have resided on Luxembourg territory for 6 months at the time of submitting my application.

For more information:

Standing as a candidate in municipal elections

For how long are municipal councillors elected?

Local councillors are elected for a period of 6 years.

When is a ballot paper considered invalid?

My ballot paper is invalid:

– if there are more votes than candidates

– if there are no votes on my ballot (blank ballot)

– if I cross out, write or draw on my ballot paper

– if there is a sign on my ballot paper by which I can be identified

– if there is another paper or object in the ballot paper

– if I use another envelope than the one provided by my municipality (postal voting)

– if I make put something on the neutral envelope provided by my municipality (postal voting)

Invalid ballot papers are not taken into account to determine the number of votes.

Do I have to be removed from the electoral list if I leave Luxembourg permanently?

No. As soon as I notify my municipality of my departure, I will no longer have official residence in Luxembourg and will therefore be automatically removed from the electoral list.

I am a person with a disability. Is assisted voting allowed for voters with a physical or visual disability?

If I am visually impaired or disabled, the president of the polling station authorises me to be accompanied by an assistant. If I am unable to vote myself, this person is entitled to tick the boxes for me.

I may not be accompanied into the voting booth by:

  • election candidates, their relatives or relatives up to and including the second degree
  • holders of a national, European or municipal elective mandate
  • persons who cannot read or write
  • persons excluded from the electorate according to the provisions of article 6 of the electoral law

If I am visually impaired, I am entitled to a tactile voting model, provided by the polling station. A member of the polling station may accompany me into a booth to help me insert my ballot paper into the tactile voting device.

The visually impaired voter is also allowed to cast the vote using the tactile voting device provided by the body designated by Grand Ducal regulation. The visually impaired voter who comes to the vote without the tactile voting device may use the device made available by the polling station, which he or she must hand to the president after casting the vote. A member of the polling station may accompany the visually impaired voter to a booth to help him or her insert the ballot paper into the tactile voting device.

Where can I find the results of past elections?

I can find the results of the municipal elections on the website elections.public.lu :

Past municipal elections

How can I register online?

I can register online from now until 87 days before election day via the Guichet.lu portal using my LuxTrust certificate.

This process only takes a few minutes and I save myself a trip to my local administration.

Please note: my LuxTrust product must have an activated certificate before I can connect to Guichet.lu.

How do I activate my LuxTrust product?

I can activate my LuxTrust product directly via this link. I only need to choose my device.

If I do not have a Luxtrust product, I can order one via luxtrust.lu

Can I register at 17?

It depends, because in order to vote in the municipal elections on 11 June 2023, I must

be 18 years old on that day. So I can register at 17 if I have reached the age of majority by the time the elections take place.

Do I have to provide residence certificates?

There is no more residence clause, so I don’t have to provide a residence certificate.

If I register on the electoral list for the local elections, can I also vote in the European elections?

No, in order to participate in the European elections, I have to register a second time. The conditions are not the same. The European elections are open to EU citizens only and there is no there is no longer a residence requirement.

Can beneficiaries of international protection (refugee status or subsidiary protection status) register on the electoral listes?

Yes, beneficiaries of international protection can register on the electoral list if they meet the age requirements in the same way as foreign nationals.

Applicants for international protection and beneficiaries of temporary protection cannot participate in the elections.

Are foreigners who register on the electoral list subject to compulsory voting?

Yes, just like Luxembourgers, once you are registered on the electoral list you are obliged to vote.